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Peazzy is your new personal economy helping you earn from your personal data, collect and swap reward points and digital tokens or send and receive payments. Sign up today and join the digital revolution.

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Our mission is to create a new digital economy, providing a residual income for all by putting People in control of their data and utilizing the real power of the Internet.

What is Peazzy?

Peazzy helps you receive targeted adverts and offers based on your current interests and needs, create tokens and rewards for you or your business, friends & family, groups, community or games, the choice is yours. Get started today – create, share, earn, donate – it’s up to you.


Send money, virtual and crypto currencies quickly and easily


Earn rewards for shopping and sharing data.


Create your own virtual currencies and points.


Exchange any reward point for another reward point or currency.


Create digital contracts and sign with friends or business partners.

Data Sharing

Share data securely with third parties based off a digital contract.

Data Vault

Secure your data in the Peazzy data vault and allow access on a contractual basis.


Allow 3rd parties to contact you anonymously and take control of your privacy.


Prove your identity with a Peazzy digital ID.


Earn money by sharing your data with 3rd party companies.

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